Women In The Workplace

If you are looking to train your female employees or leaders we are happy to offer our online training collection at a discounted rate of just £65 per person (one time fee) for a minimum of 5 women.

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We are dedicated to empowering women in the workplace through our online training courses, vibrant online community and workshops. We believe that a huge amount of untapped potential is currently going to waste across almost every sector, simply because women’s voices are not being heard. We aim to change that! If you are involved in HR, training or recruitment you will probably know that harnessing the full potential of your female employees and leaders can often be difficult. Although the world of business is getting easier for women to navigate, there is still much work to be done.

“A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult” - Melinda Gates

Women In 2020

The fact that the gender pay gap continues to exist is evidence that women are still being constrained by old stereotypes. They may be seen as less confident, more emotional and, ultimately, sub-optimal to male employees. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. There are many recent studies which highlight that companies led by women routinely outperform those led by men. According to a study of over 40 companies, around 95% of businesses with women at the helm managed to meet their financial targets. The figure for male leaders was only 65%.

The evidence is clear: women in leadership roles can achieve great things. So how can you encourage the women in your workplace to take control of their careers, speak up during board room meetings, and establish authority in the office? This is where we come in. Read on to find out what we could do for your female colleagues, whatever career stage they are currently at.

Women With Confidence

Confident women in the workplace:

  • Are proactive with new projects, ideas, services and products
  • Are open to change and to leading change
  • Embrace risk whether it is planned or premeditated
  • Contribute to healthier and happier teams
  • Help close the deal with new clients and partners
  • Apply for promotion and more senior positions
  • Inspire the next generation of women in your organisation
  • Speak up in meetings and make positive contributions 
  • Are more influential and persuasive with a bigger impact
  • Are more effective and credible communicators

10 GREAT Reasons To Invest In Your Female Employees/Leaders

Having a high proportion of confident women in the workplace can benefit YOUR business in a number of ways including:

Diversity Fosters Innovation

Hiring a diverse workforce is a great way to encourage innovation and creativity. Indeed, men and women have a wealth of different life experiences that are bound to mould their business approaches. Encouraging both men and women to draw from these experiences and approaches can help your teams to come up with truly original projects.

Women Have A Number Of Different Skills

Speaking very generally, women tend to have stronger communication skills and empathic capacities than men. They also tend to be more self-aware and better at compromise. These skills can be vital in the workplace and can help with things such as drawing in new clients, dealing with conflict and, in the end, boosting profits.

Hiring Women Says A Lot About Your Business

 Businesses that can demonstrate a commitment to women’s success in the workplace will be rewarded in terms of their reputation. People considering whether to work with you may be encouraged to do so if you promote equality and diversity, particularly if you are able to address the gender pay gap.

Women Can Help Foster Positive Boardrooms

Male-dominated boardrooms are often plagued by a sense of machismo and competitiveness that can be detrimental to growth. Balancing out boardrooms with more female leaders can help to temper this dynamic and foster an environment of co-operativeness, positivity and, ultimately, productivity.

Gender Diverse Boards Attract Investment

As the business community becomes increasingly aware of the profit-boosting potential of female leaders, more investors are looking to channel their money into companies with gender-diverse boards. As well as boosting their chances of making solid returns, investors are keen to make ethical investments that help to make the world a more equal place.

Female Leaders Are More Collaborative

Women tend to be more willing to collaborate than men in the world of business, possibly because male leaders are under more pressure to be competitive and individualistic. With a collaborative female leader on your team, your employees are more likely to be able to draw their strengths and creativity together to achieve great things.

Employees Managed By Women Feel More Engaged

Here the numbers speak for themselves with this one. According to a new survey completed by 57,483 workers, organisations in which women occupy at least 50% of executive positions are more likely to have employees who feel engaged with the company’s mission. Engaged employees are vital if you want your company to thrive.

Women Have The Potential To Boost Financial Performance

On a broad level, women have the potential to boost a company’s profits, regardless of the company's location, size or sector. It is well documented that gender-balanced workforces lead to more innovation and creativity. Amongst companies that took account of gender diversity within their management teams, 75% reported profit increases of 5-20%.

Clients Are More Inclined To Trust Female Leaders

To put things bluntly, people tend to trust women more than men within the business world. Whilst this may seem like an unfair stereotype, evidence shows that female leaders are more trusted especially in times of crisis.

Women Leaders Often Make Better Mentors

Female leaders tend to make better mentors, particularly for other women. Indeed, women tend to be naturally more empathetic than men and may be able to relate more effectively to younger members of staff. 

How We Can Help You

By investing in our online courses, colllection of digital resources, coaching or workshops, you can help boost the confidence of your female employees including any potential new leaders. Designed exclusively for women, we offer a great range of courses that will empower your female employees to take your company to new and exciting places.

Corporate Package: We can offer our full collection of online confidence courses and digital downloads for a minimum of 5 employees or leaders at a discounted rate of just £65 per person. We also offer personal development and confidence workshops starting at £750 per day. 

Get In Touch Today: If you are ready to boost the careers and confidence of the women in your company, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.

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