Who We Work With

We LOVE working with ALL women no matter who they are, what they do, what they want to achieve or where they are in the world. So which type of GREAT Woman are you? Scroll down to find out.

Whatever type of GREAT woman YOU are or want to be, we will empower and inspire YOU to make YOUR 2020 unforgetable!

I Am A GREAT Woman

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I want to boost my confidence so that I can grow and develop on a personal level

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GREAT Ex-Military

I have just left the armed forces and want the confidence to start a new career

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GREAT Speaker

I have a strong message and want the confidence to share it with the world

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GREAT Homeworker

I love my freedom and want the confidence to decide when and where I work

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GREAT Campaigner

I want the confidence to make a difference to others by leading an important campaign

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GREAT Volunteer

I love giving back and want the confidence to go out and try new things

I Am A GREAT Woman In Business

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GREAT Entrepreneur

I want the confidence to launch my own business but I am not sure where to start

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I want the confidence to help other women to get things done and move forward

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GREAT Employer

I want the confidence to grow my business, build a team and employ other people

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GREAT Mum In Business

I want the confidence to run my business in a way that I can be there for my children

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GREAT Creative

I want the confidence to unleash my creativity and skills so I  can make a profit

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GREAT Freelancer

I want the confidence and freedom to set my own hours and do what I LOVE

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GREAT Wellpreneur

I want the confidence to start a business that supports people with their wellbeing

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GREAT Networker

I want to feel confident making connections with other women in business

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GREAT Side-Hustler

I already have a career but would love the confidence to start a part-time business

I Am A GREAT Woman In Leadership

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GREAT Potential Leader

I want the confidence to take my first step into management or leadership

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GREAT Leader

I want the confidence to take my current leadership role to the next level

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GREAT Executive

I want the confidence to lead from the top so I can become a director or CEO

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GREAT Mentor

I want the confidence to give back and support the next generation of women

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GREAT Trailblazer

I want the confidence to smash the glass ceiling in my organisationn

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GREAT Pioneer

I want the confidence to lead the way for other women to take on any role they want

I Am A GREAT Woman In The Workplace

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GREAT Worker

I am happy in my current job, however I want the confidence to learn new skills

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GREAT Job Hunter

I am ready to look for a new job but would like to be confident in interviews

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I want the confidence to have a successful career after returning from maternity leave

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GREAT Starter

This is my first job and I want to have the confidence to gain new experiences

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GREAT Returner

I have had some time out from work and I want the confidence to return to my role

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GREAT Career Changer

I am bored in my current role and want the confidence to change my career

“Self confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. How can anyone see how GREAT you are if you don’t see it yourself?” - Unknown

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About Us

In this section we will share with you: our vision, our story, my message to you and what makes us GREAT! This is a fantastic opportunity to read all about why we set up the training academy and why we are committed to supporting YOU to build your confidence.

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