How It Works

What would you do if you had the confidence to try anything?

We are passionate about making The Great Women's Academy accessible to everyone and so we want to make it as easy and straightforward as we can for you to join us.

We have created two GREAT packages for you to choose from, both have been designed to empower you in your life, business or career. 

How It Works - Getting Started On The GREAT Women's Academy

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Step 1

Welcome to our website we hope that you enjoy exploring all our great resources articles and courses and that you will be inspired to join us.

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Step 2

Choose from our 2 great  packages which give you the freedom to choose from an amazing selection of tools and courses all designed to help build your confidence.

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Step 3

Login and enjoy connecting with other great women just like you, start a course, download a free resource, tell us about yourself and much more. 

FREE Access Package

With our FREE Access package we will support you to build and supercharge your confidence by giving you full access to...

3 mini courses designed for women

Our private online community of  women

Our collection of posters and forms

Our private group on social media

Our monthly newsletter

Your own personal dashboard

Our affiliate programme

New resources each month

LIFETIME Access Package

With our LIFETIME Access package you will get full access to all the tools and inspiration you need to build and supercharge your confidence. It will also give you the opportunity to...

Access all the benefits from the FREE Access package

Access our 5 online confidence courses and handbooks

Access all mini courses from our 10 Great Ways Series

Access a great collection of e-books, videos and podcasts

Take part in monthly competitions - to win GREAT prizes

Support and be supported by other great women

Take part in our 30 day challenges sent straight to your inbox

Join our monthly confidence webinars and online events

Purchase coaching and training sessions at a discounted rate

Take part in real time chat sessions with Jane Lowe

Access our community directory and connect with other women

Contribute articles or an interview to our monthy newsletter

Take part in GREAT campaigns to support women

Give back to others through our 1 for 1 scheme

Take part in regular quizzes and surveys

Be interviewed to share your story for one of our podcasts

Be a special guest on one of our monthly webinars

Suggest a new benefit that you think would be GREAT!

"Don't miss out on something that could be GREAT just because it could also be difficult" - Unknown

Join Our GREAT Online Community

FREE Access: Join our online Training Academy to receive full access to our GREAT community of women, 3 mini courses and a GREAT collection of posters, forms and resources.

LIFETIME Access: If you are looking for further support our Lifetime Access package also includes enrolment on to all our online confidence courses including handbooks and unlimited access to our mini courses, monthly competitions, GREAT collection of e-books, videos and podcasts and many new resources added each month. Full lifetime access is just a one time payment of £95.

Launch Offer: To celebrate the launch of The Great Women's Academy we are giving away our Lifetime Access package for a one time payment of £20.20 - offer ends 8pm on the 8th March 2020 (International Women's Day)