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We have put together some frequently asked questions to help you explore!

About The Great Women's Academy

What Is The Great Women's Academy And Why Did You Set It Up? The Great Women's Academy is a website and community created exclusively for women just like you who want to find or supercharge their confidence. It has been designed to inspire and empower you no matter what stage you are at in your life, business or career so that you can have all the tools and support you need to achieve GREAT things.

Why Is The Academy Just For Women? We know that men and women do things very differently and that women in business or the workplace do come up against very different challenges and requirements. Our Training Academy has been created with women in mind and our courses, benefits and toolkit have been designed specifically to inspire and empower women. 

Why Is Confidence So Important? We believe that having a strong sense of confidence is the key to making your life, business or career a success and that having low confidence tends to result in many women holding themselves back from being, doing and having everything they want. With this in mind it is important to us that our packages and courses are affordable and accessible to ALL women.

About Our Courses And Packages

Do You Offer Corporate Packages?

Yes we offer our VIP membership package to organisations that are invested in supporting their female employees, members or network

Do You Allow International Students?

Yes we do. We are passionate about bringing women from across the globe together so that they can work collaboratively to support and inspire each other 

Can I Buy Individual Courses?

Yes you can buy any of our 5 online confidence courses individually instead of part of a package - you will get 12 months access (this does not include any other benefits)

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

There are no contracts, joining fees or monthly/annual fees. We  offer a FREE membership package and a VIP membership package which is just a one off  payment of £95

What Is Included In Each Package?

Our packages have a GREAT selection of benefits to support you build and supercharge your confidence.To find out what each of our packages includes please click here

Can I Transfer A Course Or Package?

Sorry no, you can only access our Training Academy with the email address you provide us at the point of purchase. All packages and courses are non-transferable

What Currency Can I Pay With?

All our prices are charged in £ sterling however, our packages are available to you wherever you are in the world. We also accept all credit/debit cards and your payment is 100% secure

What Is The 1 For 1 Scheme?

This scheme is our opportunity to give back so that we can inspire women who are supported by charities, social enterprises and not for profit organisations

Can I Upgrade My Package?

Yes we are happy for you to upgrade your membership package at anytime and you can do this sending by purchasing the Lifetime membership package

Can I Cancel My Course/Package?

 Please note that refunds are available for up to 7 days after you purchase. For further details and to contact us please see our Refund Policy

FAQ About Our Training Courses

Will I Receive A Certificate At The End Of Each Course?

Yes you will receive a free colour certificate at the end of each course which you can download and print

Do I Need To Complete Any Exams?

All our courses are for your own personal development so there are no final exams for you to worry about

What Skills Or Experience Do I Need To Take A Course?

It is recommended that you have a good understanding of English to be able to complete our courses

Do I Need To Do Any Reading Before Taking A Course?

There is no pre-reading you need to do however, we do have a reading list of confidence books that we can recommend 

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Course?

Our course takes between 2 and 4 hours to complete and you can stop and start at any point if you are short on time

Do I Need To Pay Extra To Remove Adverts Or Pop-Ups?

You will not see any adverts or pop ups on our website or during any of our courses

Do I Need To Download Or Install Any Software?

No there is nothing to download or install. All our courses are hosted on a secure web based platform

How Long Do I Have Access To My Courses For?

You will have 12 months access to courses if you buy them individually or LIFETIME access if you buy our VIP package

Other Questions

Do You Have Networking Events That I Can Attend? We thought long and hard about this and believe that there are so many other great networking organisations available that there is no need for anymore. We believe in working collaboratively with other organisations who support women and so we are always happy to work with networking organisations to provide training courses and workshops.

Do You Offer Face To Face Training Sessions? Yes we do if you are interested in hosting a workshop for the women who work in your organisation or the women you support through your charity or network please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements or click here to see our workshop collection.

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How Do I Join/Login?

You can join or login to the Academy here

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Still Have Questions

Please feel free to contact us 

"Every GREAT dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world" - Harriet Tubman

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Free Resources

In this section we have shared with you a small selection of free resources to help you plan your goals and write down your ideas, thoughts and feelings. You can access our full collection of resources through our free membership package.

Join Our GREAT Online Training Community

FREE Membership: Join our GREAT online community of women and get full access to 3 mini courses, a GREAT collection of posters, forms, resources and much more.

VIP Membership: If you are looking for further support our VIP membership package also includes enrolment onto our 5 online confidence courses including handbooks, unlimited access to our mini courses, monthly competitions, a GREAT collection of e-books, videos and podcasts and many other GREAT benefits and perks. Full lifetime access is just a one time payment of £95 (no joining/annual/monthly fees)

GREAT Offer: To celebrate the launch of The Great Women's Academy we are giving away lifetime Access to our VIP membership package for a one time payment of £20.20 - offer ends 8pm on the 31st March 2020.