About The GREAT Women's Academy

Our Vision: To create a global community that supports GREAT women just like you to gain the confidence you need to achieve GREAT things in your life, business or career

Our Story

From the beginning, The Great Women’s Academy has been about championing and supporting women in life, business and in the workplace to find or supercharge their confidence. Setting up a new business, deciding to go for that new promotion or finally going for that one thing you have always wanted to do can be a very exciting and amazing time. It can also be a very overwhelming and scary experience especially if you don’t feel that you have the confidence or the right skills and experience you need to get started or move forward.

Our Academy and online vibrant community has one clear and important purpose: to give women the tools, inspiration and permission they need to find or supercharge their confidence so that they can become the GREATEST version of themselves. We empower women to stop the unhelpful self-talk that is holding them back from taking the next step to achieving GREAT and extraordinary things. 

2020 And Beyond!

In the last couple of years the world’s stage has changed immensely for women – which we think is FANTASTIC! These include: more women standing up and having the strength to use their voice, more campaigns that support women’s rights, more studies into gender equality, more research to understand how to support women in business, outdated stereotypes of traditional male and female roles being smashed, high profile women using their position to raise awareness of inequality and more organisations realising the importance of having women in senior roles and in the boardroom (to name but a few)

Yet still (and sadly) in 2020 we have a long way to go!  It has been quoted that if countries such as the UK continue at the rate they are currently working at it will be 80 years before women have total equality with men in the workplace and the business arena. We think that 80 years is too long to wait and we hope that through The Great Women’s Academy we can help address this unbalance by supporting and empowering as many women as we can right NOW!

The first (and often overlooked) step to creating a fulfilling life, an amazing career or a dream business that you LOVE is to spend time and energy investing in the most important resource you have – YOU!

My Message To You

I want to take this opportunity to say a great big welcome to The Great Women’s Academy. I am so thrilled you have taken the opportunity to explore our website and I hope that you are feeling inspired and empowered to join our online community. It is my passion to work exclusively with women who are ready to start or create something GREAT!  It has never been such an exciting time for women and so I want to be able to support you to create a life, business or career that you LOVE!

I want this website to support you through the great times and the not so great times. I want you to know that it is fine not to be OK all the time and it is fine to have the odd wobble and moment of “what am I doing!!??” You won’t be the first woman to go through that and you certainly won’t be the last. But what I do hope is that no matter what your life, business or career throws at you, you feel confident enough to stay strong and to keep going because if you do you will feel like you have conquered the world!

In my 25 year career (not sure how that happened) you could say I have been there and got many t-shirts. I know first-hand what it is like to climb the corporate ladder and to start a business  and so this is the website I wish I had when I first got started and I hope that it will empower you to have the confidence to achieve GREAT things. Wishing you GREAT times ahead! - Jane 

What Makes Us GREAT!

GREAT Courses

We have 5 confidence courses and handbooks designed to support you in every aspect of your life, career or business

GREAT Resources

We have great resources all designed to help you build your confidence and support you to achieve your goals

GREAT Online Academy

We have created a totally unique and empowering online training academy desiged exclusively for women by women

GREAT Empowerment

We are passionate that you feel ready to be, do or have what you want. So if you want to take on the world you can do!

GREAT Experience

We know that you learn more if you enjoy what you do and so we want to ensure that you have a great training experience 

GREAT Support

We are proud to offer great support to women through social media, our online network, webinars and academy


We love to show our support to others and so we will showcase as many women as we can through our Academy

GREAT Prices

Confidence is the key to everything you do and so it is important to us that our courses are affordable for everyone 

GREAT Ways To Give Back

We are committed to supporting charities, organisations  and projects that champion and empower women

GREAT Partners

We believe in working in collaboration with other women and organisations  who have a similar vision and values

GREAT Campaigns

We are passionate about women's rights and so we will get involved in campaigns  that support important issues

GREAT Champions

We are dedicated to sponsoring events such as conferences and award ceremonies  that champion and inspire women

"Life is all about choices. Play it safe and be good or take chances and be GREAT" – Ore Abayomi

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Getting Started

If you are new to The Great Women's Academy we have created this section to help you discover all our GREAT courses and packages. Our website has been created exclusively for women who are ready to find or supercharge their confidence and we hope that you enjoy exploring!

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We have included a list of our most frequently asked questions that we hope will help you explore our website and also to decided that the Great Women's Academy is right for you. If you have any other questions please feel free to get in touch.

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FREE Membership: Join our GREAT online community of women and get full access to 3 mini courses, a GREAT collection of posters, forms, resources and much more.

VIP Membership: If you are looking for further support our VIP membership package also includes enrolment onto our 5 online confidence courses including handbooks, unlimited access to our mini courses, monthly competitions, a GREAT collection of e-books, videos and podcasts and many other GREAT benefits and perks. Full lifetime access is just a one time payment of £95 (no joining/annual/monthly fees)

GREAT Offer: To celebrate the launch of The Great Women's Academy we are giving away lifetime Access to our VIP membership package for a one time payment of £20.20 - offer ends 8pm on the 31st March 2020.